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Types of Epoxy Flooring

Dive into the world of epoxy flooring options with our FAQs. Get answers to common questions about the types of epoxy flooring Sealwise offers, ensuring you make an informed decision for your space.

If you have a question that isn't covered here, feel free to reach out through our online contact form or contact owner Victoria directly at +1 (719) 270-1130. We're eager to assist you!

What types of epoxy flooring options do you offer?
Sealwise specializes in various epoxy flooring options, including solvent-based epoxy, water-based epoxy, and 100% solid epoxy. Solvent-based epoxy is known for its durability, while water-based epoxy is environmentally friendly. The 100% solid epoxy is a robust option suitable for high-traffic areas.
Can you explain the differences between the various epoxy floor types?
Solvent-based epoxy contains solvents for quicker drying, water-based epoxy is low in VOCs and ideal for indoor spaces, and 100% solid epoxy has no solvents, providing a thicker and more durable finish. Understanding these differences helps clients choose the best option for their specific needs.
Are there any specialty epoxy coatings for unique requirements?
Sealwise can offer specialty epoxy coatings, such as anti-static epoxy for spaces with sensitive electronic equipment, and decorative epoxy with customizable patterns and colors. These options cater to unique requirements, ensuring the epoxy floor meets both functional and aesthetic needs.

Durability and Lifespan

Gain insights into the longevity and robustness of our flooring solutions, providing peace of mind for years to come.

How durable are your epoxy floors?
Sealwise epoxy floors are highly durable, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic, impact, abrasion, and they're chemically resistant. The robust nature of our epoxy ensures long-lasting performance in various environments.
What is the expected lifespan of the epoxy flooring?
On average, Sealwise epoxy floors have an expected lifespan of 15 to 20 years. However, the actual lifespan depends on factors such as maintenance, usage patterns, and environmental conditions. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of the epoxy flooring.
Can you share any testimonials from clients who have had your epoxy floors for an extended period?
Many of our clients have expressed satisfaction with the longevity and durability of our epoxy floors. Testimonials highlight the sustained quality and resilience even after years of use. You can leave yours in our Google Profile.
In what ways does your epoxy flooring resist common wear and tear?
Sealwise epoxy floors are formulated to resist common wear and tear, including scratches, stains, and chemical exposure. This resilience ensures the flooring maintains its aesthetic and functional properties over time. You can leave yours in our Google Profile.
Are there any factors that could affect the lifespan of the epoxy flooring?
Factors such as improper maintenance, extreme environmental conditions, or heavy industrial usage beyond recommended limits could impact the lifespan. Following maintenance guidelines and using the epoxy appropriately helps maximize its longevity.

Installation Process

Learn about the step-by-step process Sealwise follows to bring your space to life with high-quality epoxy flooring.

Can you walk me through the installation process for epoxy floors?
Sealwise's epoxy floor installation process involves several crucial steps. Initially, we prepare the existing flooring, ensuring it is clean and smooth. If necessary, we apply a primer to enhance adhesion and promote a strong bond. Following this, our skilled team meticulously mixes and applies the epoxy coating. Finally, to further enhance durability and longevity, we apply a top coat before completing the curing process.
How long does it typically take to install epoxy flooring?
The installation timeline varies based on the size and complexity of the project. On average, Sealwise completes epoxy flooring installations within a few days. However, larger projects or intricate designs may extend the installation timeframe.
Do you perform a site assessment before starting the installation? What factors do you consider?
Yes, Sealwise conducts a thorough site assessment before installation. Factors considered include the condition of the existing floor, environmental conditions, and any specific requirements or challenges unique to the space.
Are there any specific preparations or requirements from the customer's end before the installation begins?
Customers are advised to clear the workspace and remove any obstacles. It's essential to provide access to the installation area and ensure proper ventilation. These preparations help facilitate a smooth and efficient installation process.
How do you handle unexpected challenges or changes during the installation process?
Sealwise's experienced installation team is equipped to handle unexpected challenges. Clear communication with the client allows for prompt resolution of any issues. Flexibility and adaptability are key to ensuring a successful and stress-free installation experience.

Customization Options

Find answers to your questions about personalized colors, patterns, and designs, tailoring epoxy flooring to match your unique style.

Are there customization options available for epoxy floors?
Sealwise offers a wide range of customization options for epoxy floors. Clients can choose from a diverse palette of colors, and flake sizes, allowing for personalized and unique flooring solutions that align with their aesthetic preferences.
Can I request a sample or preview of how the customized epoxy flooring will look in my space?
Yes, Sealwise provides clients with the opportunity to request samples or previews of customized epoxy flooring. This ensures that clients can visualize and approve the chosen colors and patterns before the actual installation begins.
Are there limitations on the complexity of patterns or designs for customization?
Sealwise's customization options extend to intricate patterns and designs. While there are minimal limitations, the experienced design team works closely with clients to achieve their desired results, ensuring both feasibility and visual appeal.
Do you offer consultation services to help clients choose the best customization options for their needs?
Absolutely! Sealwise provides expert consultation services to guide clients in choosing the best customization options based on their preferences, the intended use of the space, and overall design goals. The goal is to create a tailored solution that exceeds client expectations.
Can I choose different colors and patterns for my epoxy flooring?
Yes, clients have the flexibility to mix and match colors and patterns to create a truly bespoke epoxy flooring solution. This level of customization ensures that the flooring seamlessly integrates with the overall design scheme of the space. You can see just a few of our epoxy flake options here.


Explore easy-to-follow routines and tips that keep Sealwise's epoxy floors looking pristine, ensuring a long-lasting and beautiful finish.

What kind of maintenance is required for epoxy floors?
Sealwise's epoxy floors are low-maintenance but benefit from regular cleaning. We can provide pressure washing to previous customers at a discounted rate of $0.50 a square foot. Sweeping or vacuuming to remove dirt and debris, along with periodic mopping using a mild detergent, ensures the longevity and cleanliness of the flooring.
Are there any recommended maintenance routines or products to enhance the longevity of the epoxy flooring?
Sealwise recommends a routine maintenance schedule, including the use of pH-neutral cleaners to avoid any damage to the epoxy surface. Applying epoxy-specific sealers periodically can further enhance the floor's durability.
How does your epoxy flooring handle spills and stains, and what is the recommended cleaning procedure?
Sealwise epoxy floors are resistant to spills and stains. Promptly cleaning up spills with a damp cloth is recommended. For tougher stains, a mild cleaning solution can be used. Avoiding harsh chemicals helps preserve the epoxy surface.
Are there specific environmental conditions that can impact the maintenance of epoxy floors?
Extreme environmental conditions, such as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, can impact epoxy flooring. Sealwise recommends minimizing such exposure and maintaining a controlled environment for optimal results.
Are there any specific conditions that could void the Sealwise Warranty?
Neglecting recommended maintenance procedures, using abrasive cleaning materials, or exposing the flooring to harsh chemicals not suitable for epoxy surfaces could void the warranty. Adhering to the recommended maintenance guidelines ensures warranty coverage.

Cost and Pricing of Epoxy Floors

Gain clarity on the investment involved in epoxy flooring, ensuring transparency and understanding throughout the pricing process.

How is the cost of epoxy flooring determined?
The cost of Sealwise's epoxy flooring is determined based on factors such as the type of epoxy chosen, the size of the project, customization options, and any additional services required. To provide an accurate estimate, we recommend reaching out for a personalized consultation.
Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in the epoxy flooring installation?
Sealwise is committed to transparency. While we can offer a general breakdown, the most accurate estimate is tailored to your specific project requirements. Contact us to discuss your project in detail and receive a comprehensive breakdown of costs.
Are there any potential additional costs that customers should be aware of?
While Sealwise strives to provide accurate estimates, additional costs may arise based on unforeseen factors. We encourage clients to contact us for a detailed discussion to ensure a clear understanding of potential additional costs specific to their project.
How can customers get an estimate for the total cost of the project?
To receive an accurate estimate for your specific project, we encourage you to contact Sealwise directly. Our team will discuss your requirements, assess the scope of the project, and provide a detailed estimate, ensuring transparency and clarity in the pricing process.

References and Portfolio

Explore the Sealwise portfolio and references, providing insights into our rich history of over 15 years in the epoxy flooring industry.

Do you have any references or examples of previous epoxy flooring projects?
Sealwise boasts a vast portfolio of over 15 years of successful epoxy flooring installations. We can provide references from satisfied clients who have experienced the durability and quality of our work firsthand. Contact us for a list of references tailored to your project needs.
Can I see a portfolio of your Epoxy Flooring work in Colorado Springs?
With over 15 years of experience, Sealwise has left a significant imprint on the flooring landscape in Colorado Springs. Our extensive portfolio showcases the diversity of projects we've undertaken in the area. We invite you to explore our local portfolio to witness the transformative power of our epoxy flooring solutions.
Can you provide before-and-after photos of epoxy flooring transformations?
Sealwise's experience is visually documented in our before-and-after photos, highlighting the remarkable transformations our epoxy flooring solutions bring to diverse spaces. Contact us, and we'll share a collection of these visual testimonials to demonstrate the impact of our work.
Are there any case studies available for projects similar to mine?
We have case studies detailing the challenges, solutions, and successful outcomes of projects comparable to yours. Contact us for personalized case studies that align with your specific needs and aspirations.

Warranty and Guarantee

Discover peace of mind with our Warranty and Guarantee FAQs. Here, we answer questions about the terms and benefits of Sealwise's 15-year warranty, ensuring your confidence in the enduring quality of our epoxy flooring.

What are the terms and conditions of your warranty?
Sealwise proudly offers a comprehensive 15-year warranty on our epoxy flooring installations. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, providing clients with long-term assurance of the quality and durability of our products and services. Specific terms and conditions can be discussed in detail during the consultation.
How do you handle warranty claims, and what is the process for addressing issues covered by the warranty?
In the rare event of a warranty claim, Sealwise has a streamlined process for resolution. Clients can contact our dedicated support team to initiate the claims process. We prioritize prompt assessments and efficient resolutions to ensure minimal disruption and maximum satisfaction.
Are there any specific conditions that could void the warranty?
While our 15-year warranty is robust, specific conditions may apply. Neglecting recommended maintenance or using the epoxy flooring in ways outside its intended use could potentially void the warranty. We provide clear guidelines to help clients maintain their warranty coverage effectively.
Is the 10-year warranty transferable if I decide to sell the property?
Yes, Sealwise's commitment extends to future property owners. The 15-year warranty is transferable, providing added value and peace of mind to both current and future property owners. This transferability underscores our confidence in the enduring quality of our epoxy flooring installations.
What additional benefits come with the 15-year warranty?
Beyond coverage for defects, our 10-year warranty offers added benefits, such as periodic inspections and maintenance checks. These proactive measures help uphold the longevity and performance of the epoxy flooring, ensuring clients continue to enjoy the benefits of their investment.

Safety Considerations

Discover how our commitment to safety, including slip resistance ratings and eco-friendly compositions, ensures secure and reliable flooring solutions. Your peace of mind is our priority, and these FAQs provide valuable insights into the safety measures that make Sealwise the trusted choice for epoxy flooring installations.

Can you provide information on the slip resistance ratings of your epoxy flooring options?
Sealwise prioritizes safety, and our epoxy flooring options are designed with various slip-resistant features. We can provide detailed information on the slip resistance ratings for each type of epoxy flooring, ensuring a secure and stable surface.
Are there any additional safety features or certifications for your epoxy floors?
Yes, our epoxy floors adhere to industry standards and may come with additional safety features such as anti-slip additives. We also ensure that our epoxy flooring meets relevant certifications for safety, providing clients with confidence in the integrity of our products.
How does the composition of your epoxy floors contribute to a safe environment?
The composition of Sealwise's epoxy floors is carefully formulated to enhance safety. Our epoxy floors are resistant to chemical spills and abrasion, creating a secure environment. Additionally, the seamless nature of epoxy flooring reduces tripping hazards, contributing to overall safety.
Are there specific environmental conditions that can impact the safety of epoxy floors?
While Sealwise's epoxy floors are resilient in various environments, extreme conditions like excessive heat or humidity can impact safety. We provide guidance on maintaining optimal environmental conditions to ensure the ongoing safety of our epoxy flooring installations.
Do your epoxy floors meet safety standards?
Sealwise is committed to meeting and exceeding safety standards. Our epoxy floors undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with industry safety standards. We can provide documentation and certification details, reinforcing our dedication to creating safe and secure flooring solutions.

Timeline for Installation

Learn about our proactive approach to handling tight deadlines, our streamlined processes, and how we ensure timely completion without compromising quality.

What is the expected timeline for completing the entire project?
The timeline for completing an epoxy flooring project varies based on factors such as project size, complexity, and any customization requirements. On average, Sealwise completes projects efficiently, aiming for timely delivery without compromising the precision of our installations.
How do you handle tight deadlines or urgent requests for epoxy flooring installations?
Sealwise is well-equipped to handle tight deadlines or urgent requests. Our experienced team thrives in time-sensitive scenarios, ensuring that the quality of our epoxy flooring installations remains uncompromised even under accelerated timelines.
Can you provide a detailed project timeline with milestones?
Yes, Sealwise provides clients with a detailed project timeline that outlines key milestones from preparation to completion. This timeline allows clients to track the progress of the epoxy flooring installation and ensures transparency throughout the project.
Are there any factors that could potentially cause delays in the installation process?
While Sealwise is committed to meeting timelines, unforeseen factors such as weather conditions or unexpected challenges may cause slight delays. Our team communicates transparently with clients about any potential delays and works diligently to minimize their impact on the overall project timeline.

Cleanup and Disposal

Explore answers to common questions about Sealwise's eco-friendly cleanup and disposal practices for epoxy flooring installations. Gain insights into our commitment to minimizing environmental impact, responsible waste disposal, and our comprehensive approach to leaving your space not only transformed but also pristine.

What measures do you take to minimize the environmental impact during the cleanup process?
Sealwise prioritizes environmentally friendly practices during cleanup. We use eco-friendly cleaning agents, and our team employs responsible disposal methods to minimize environmental impact, ensuring a sustainable approach to our services.
How are waste materials from the installation disposed of, and is it done in an eco-friendly manner?
Sealwise is committed to eco-friendly waste disposal. Any waste materials generated during the installation process are handled responsibly, adhering to local regulations and promoting environmental sustainability through proper disposal methods.
Are there any post-installation services provided, such as periodic inspections or maintenance checks?
Yes, Sealwise goes beyond installation by offering post-installation services. We provide periodic inspections and maintenance checks to ensure the ongoing quality and performance of our epoxy flooring. This comprehensive approach reflects our commitment to long-term customer satisfaction.
What is the process for cleaning up after the installation is complete?
The cleanup process after epoxy flooring installation involves thorough removal of any debris or excess materials. Our team employs efficient cleaning practices, leaving the space clean and ready for use. Clients can expect a seamless transition from installation to a pristine finished product.
How do you handle unexpected challenges or changes during the cleanup process?
Sealwise's experienced team is adept at handling unexpected challenges during cleanup. Open communication with clients allows for quick resolution of any issues. We approach unexpected changes with flexibility and efficiency, ensuring the cleanup process remains on track.